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Government cash boost for flood-hit Surrey roads

467006953Surrey County Council has received a £5.3 million Government boost towards its £15 million bill to fix flood-damaged roads.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin today confirmed that Surrey will get £5.3 million to fix roads after much of the county was devastated by flooding that hit over Christmas and again in February.

Surrey’s £5.3 million award, the eighth-highest in England, is part of a £173.5 million emergency recovery fund to help communities nationwide.

A major clear-up of the 2,500 worst-affected Surrey roads is underway, with 18,500 potholes fixed in January and February alone; up almost 4,500 on the same period last year.

The £15 million bill, which is expected to rise significantly once final costs are in, includes £800,000 alone to replace Flanchford Road bridge near Reigate.

David Hodge, Leader of Surrey County Council, said: “We’re doing everything we can to put things right for the residents of Surrey, but our roads and bridges repair bill from the flooding is at least £15 million, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as we’re still assessing the damage.

“This repair bill is a massive burden on our finances, so we’re very grateful for this extra £5.3 million Government funding to help the people of Surrey.”


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