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Local firms win contracts worth £10 million


Contracts worth more than £10 million have been clinched by local firms since Surrey County Council launched an online initiative just over a year ago.

Deals totalling £10.3 million have been secured through www.buildsurrey.net created as part of the county council’s pledge to ensure 60% of its spending is with local businesses. That is the equivalent of almost £750,000 every month since February last year.

Local spending on goods and services has surged beyond 52%. Three years ago, the council spent just over a third of its money locally.

BuildSurrey’s successful launch helped the county council earn a government award for being among the top 10 authorities in the country to do business with. More than 750 firms are now registered on the site.

Surrey County Council’s deputy leader Peter Martin said: “BuildSurrey is all about helping our local businesses and economy thrive.

“Awarding £10 million worth of contracts shows the site is doing that as we push on to our goal of ensuring 60% of our spending is with local firms and I’m sure it will continue to go from strength to strength.”


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