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Purchasing power creating 170 apprenticeships

Surrey County Council aims to use its purchasing power to create 170 apprenticeships.

Firms are being asked to pledge to fill apprentice places as part of their bids for contracts to provide council services.

The authority, which negotiates tens of millions of pounds worth of contracts each year, is also encouraging key contractors to look to their chain of suppliers for apprenticeship opportunities.

Surrey’s procurement team has set the apprentice goal to support the council’s efforts to stimulate economic growth that has also seen NEETs drop to the lowest level nationally.

It comes after the council pledged to create 500 roles by next April after successfully filling nearly 540 places in 10 months and made savings of almost £110m in four years through striking better deals.

Denise Le Gal, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Business Services, said: “This initiative means we can continue providing taxpayers with the best possible deal now while also helping to train the next generation of our workforce.

“Apprenticeships give young people the leg up in their careers that they need at a difficult time and provide businesses with the skilled staff they require to thrive and help the economy grow.”



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