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Road repair software to save time and £100,000 a year

Surrey is set to get Google Street View-style software which will speed up road improvements and save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The county council is expected to save at least £100,000 and thousands of manpower hours per year when it becomes one of the first local authorities to introduce the software.

Highways teams will be able to view the latest zoomable street-level photographs of the county’s roads, overlaid with detailed information on everything from the state of the surface to when the verge was last cut.

It will also mean faster decisions on where work needs to be done. The information, which is regularly kept updated, allows roads teams to make decisions without needing to do as many site visits.

The software will also mean faster replies to call centre queries because key information will be available more quickly and to non-specialist teams.

John Furey, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “This year we ploughed £3 million saved on our roads budget back into doing repairs, and this software means we’ll continue to give value for money while improving Surrey’s roads.”

The Horizons software, provided by data specialist company Yotta, is expected to be introduced this autumn.


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