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Council on course to make £3.5 million energy savings over five years

Surrey County Council has signed off plans to bulk buy energy with the aim of propelling savings to £3.5 million in five years.

The Cabinet decided to renew an agreement with a public sector buying group that harnesses public services’ collective clout to secure the best possible fuel deal.

It is hoped that using the consortium and being more energy efficient will save £800,000 in this financial year.

That figure would add to the savings of £2.7m made in the past four years by using the consortium’s purchasing power, solar panels and energy-saving lights.

Surrey leader David Hodge said: “We’re determined to ensure the best possible deals for local taxpayers. Continuing to be part of this public sector consortium and investing in green energy is both good for the pocket and the environment.”

The new agreement with Local Authorities South East Region, which buys energy for more than 160 public sector organisations, is initially for two years.

Schools and streetlighting are likely to account for more than three-quarters of the council’s expected £13m energy bill this year.


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