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VIDEO: Surrey firefighter drives home road safety message by releasing music video

A Surrey firefighter has produced a hard-hitting music video highlighting to young motorists the dangers of careless driving after witnessing the harrowing aftermath of car crashes.

Maxi Curnow, 23, penned the song If We Make It and enlisted his girlfriend and colleagues from Gomshall fire station to feature in the accompanying video.

The four-minute film, which tells the story of carefree young lives being shattered by a horrific car crash, is already being shown to thousands of students as part of Safe Drive Stay Alive, the road safety initiative spearheaded by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service.

Now in its 11th year, Safe Drive Stay Alive performances feature films and live speakers recounting their experiences of road accidents – either as victims or rescuers – to bring home to young people the importance of taking care on the roads.

Maxi, of Shere, himself saw Safe Drive Stay Alive as a 16-year-old – and says the production made a lasting impression.

After leaving school, he went on to pursue his twin interests – music and firefighting.

He worked in music studios and as a sound engineer at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in Soho and is now a freelance composer and on-call firefighter at Gomshall and Guildford fire stations.

Maxi said: ‘Working as a firefighter I’ve seen trauma which has made me realise the importance of spreading this message. Road collisions are the biggest killer of young people in the UK and I wanted to attach an important message to my music which will show the tragic outcomes caused by complacency behind the wheel.

‘I’m 23 and a keen driver myself – and know how easy it is for people to become complacent behind the wheel. After passing your test it can become muscle memory, and it only takes one lapse of judgement to potentially traumatise someone’s life. No one expects a car crash but I’ve witnessed the real and lasting impact they can have. My aim is to use my music to spread the road safety message to young drivers.’

Maxi hopes the video – available on YouTube here – will be used and shared by emergency services and schools as part of road safety initiatives up and down the country.

Kay Hammond, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Associate for Community Safety Services, said: ‘It’s crucial that young people starting out driving are aware of the dangers of careless driving, speeding, drink-driving and using a mobile phone at the wheel and this video produced by one of Surrey’s own firefighters powerfully brings home that message.

‘It’s already been snapped up by Safe Drive Stay Alive and will be shown to thousands of schoolchildren as part of that initiative but deserves to reach a much wider audience across the country and beyond.’


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