Surrey closes in on filling 2,000 apprentice roles

A Surrey County Council drive to create apprenticeships is closing on giving 2,000 young people a leg up on the career ladder in just over three years.

The authority launched the apprentice push in July 2012 and by last February more than 1,500 roles had been filled.

Now, with National Apprenticeship Week in full swing, it has been revealed the number of young people helped to start a career had climbed by more than 350 by last November with a host of other roles waiting to be rubber-stamped.

As well as the county council, major Surrey employers have taken part including Ann Summers, McLaren Racing and Berkeley Homes together with many smaller businesses.

Surrey’s focus on apprenticeships is part of its push to promote economic growth which has also seen the number of young people in the county not in education, employment or training – so-called NEETs – fall to the second lowest level in the country.

The authority is also helping business start-ups get off the ground.

Surrey County Council’s Deputy Leader Peter Martin said: “Closing in on this 2,000 milestone is fantastic news and a great boost for young people getting on the first rung of the career ladder.

“We’re doing all we can to help young people into the world of work because apprenticeships equip them with the skills they require, give businesses the workforce they need to thrive and help the economy grow.”


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