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Surrey welcomes funding that puts Crossrail 2 “firmly on track”

Following Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget announcement of £80 million to kick-start Crossrail 2, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning Mike Goodman (pictured) said:

“It’s great news that Crossrail 2 is now firmly on track. The new line signals quicker journeys for commuters who regularly pack like sardines into London-bound trains and will provide a platform for economic growth in the capital, Surrey and way beyond.

“Given that passenger demand is forecast to rise 40% by 2043 and Surrey’s powerhouse economy generates £37 billion annually for the national economy, we will continue to do everything possible to ensure the county gets the maximum benefit from the rail line.

“That is why we put forward the case for extending it to Dorking and Woking and asked the county’s MPs to support us in helping to drive the project forward.”

Mr Goodman wrote to Surrey’s MPs earlier this month calling for them to join him in backing Crossrail 2. A study for the council suggested the extensions.


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