Surrey granted further funding from Local Covid Support Grant

Surrey County Council has been granted further funding from the Government’s Local Covid Support Grant.

With many families struggling financially as they come out of lockdown, the Government’s Local Covid Support Grant is there to provide financial support to those most in need.

Surrey County Council has received £0.5m from the grant, in recognition of the devastating financial impact COVID has had on some of Surrey’s residents.

The money has been allocated to continue to provide the following:

  • £0.3m – 1) to those children in schools entitled to Free School Meals; 2) provide a grant for care leavers; 3) direct support to families with younger children most in need
  • £0.1m – contributed to foodbanks
  • £0.1m – contributed to the Surrey Crisis Fund, which is designed to help Surrey residents in emergency need.

Tim Oliver, Leader of Surrey County Council, said: “As a council we continue to support our most vulnerable residents. This further funding enables us to provide support where it is needed most, and particularly to those residents who have young families. Through the Surrey Crisis Fund, via schools and supporting foodbanks we can ensure, that for these families, there is support available to help put food on the table.”

Clare Davies, CEO of Mid-Surrey Community Fridge Network, said: “The effects of COVID aren’t going away. Before COVID we were distributing 2 tonnes of food per week to those in need, during COVID that went up to 10 tonnes a week and we are still distributing 7 tonnes of food per week – people are still very much in need of our food bags.”

In addition to the above, there is other financial support available to Surrey residents, some of which is provided by central Government, some by Surrey County Council and others administered at District and Borough level. 

For more information on the Surrey Crisis Fund and other financial help available please visit our website – Financial help – Surrey County Council (


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