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Surrey and Buckinghamshire aim to work together

Surrey leader David Hodge and Buckinghamshire leader Martin Tett at County Hall. Click image to download

Surrey and Buckinghamshire have agreed to look for opportunities to work together to find better ways to spend public money more effectively.

The agreement was reached at a meeting of Cabinet members from the two county councils at Surrey’s headquarters.

Surrey leader David Hodge welcomed Buckinghamshire leader Martin Tett days after Local Government Association chairman Sir Merrick Cockell visited for a briefing about the council’s agenda to get everyone working together as one team for the benefit of Surrey.

Mr Hodge said: “I was really pleased to welcome Martin and his Cabinet and the get-together proved to be really productive.

“We learned a lot from each other about our approaches to delivering high-quality services while making taxpayers’ money go further and as a result we have agreed to look for opportunities to work together.”

Surrey already works with other councils – at a regional level as part of the SE7 group and in the county as a member of the Surrey First initiative.


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