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£200k rip-off victim’s scam mail warning

A Surrey pensioner fleeced out of £200,000 over 56 years by callous con artists has stopped after a campaign by Surrey County Council.

Fake lottery and horoscope tricksters duped Sylvia Kneller, of Farnham, who sent money as deposits for phoney prizes. To make matters worse, her husband left her, but still Ms Kneller believed in the scheming scammers and continued sending up to £100 a week in the hope of getting lottery wins, cars and other promised prizes.

The 76-year-old only stopped after she was identified by Surrey County Council’s trading standards team, who have contacted hundreds of Surrey residents as part of a programme of home visits to the most chronic victims.

Ms Kneller now wants to raise awareness of the problem of scam mail via this video.

Helyn Clack, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “Our trading standards team was able to help in this distressing example, but we also know unscrupulous scammers continue to target the most vulnerable people. That’s why we urge other victims out there to come forward so we can take action.”

For more information, visit the county council’s trading standards pages.

Surrey County Council’s work to help Ms Kneller was also covered on the front-page of The Sun newspaper.


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